A Crack and Drips of Black Blood

All they say is fair in love and war.

A crack and drips of blood is an emotional thriller that further establishes the fact that love despite its extraordinary healing properties and the joy it brings is also capable of causing irreparable damage.
It is a story that tells of the sacrifices love entails, the decisions parents make on behalf of their children, and the frustration that comes with loving someone who loves someone else. It is a story of star crossed lovers, betrayal, deceit, blackmail and loss. Dr. Coker thought her plan was the most perfect thing in the world until it boomeranged and the fire that was meant to consume just the car parked ended up burning down the whole building.
Starring in the movie is Ruth Kadiri as Ogechi, Joseph Momodu as Oluwajuwonlo, Ayo Adesanya as Dr Coker Mary Lazarus as Mabel and a host of other actors and actresses.

This is the first of many movie productions that are lined up for the year from The Conundrum Company.

We can’t wait to see this blockbuster movie on the big screen soon.

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